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20 August 2010
Project Mission
Project Abbreviations is charged with the task of ensuring that each game receives a set of initials that will represent it here on the Wiki. Each set of letters must be unique and must be evocative of the game in question. Project warriors will ensure that every game is assigned a set of initials, and that each set that is claimed is recorded to prevent duplication.

Active Phase
Project Members
Leader: Kitsufox
Deputy: Currently None
Warrior(s): Currently None
To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.
Project Forum

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Project Tag

Replace the word grade with the number of the correct grade.

Grades & Explanations

Grade 5 - Gold Ribbon Quality
The abbreviation has been verified and added to the project records.

Grade 0 - Green Ribbon Quality
The RPG has an article, but the abbreviation selected has not yet been verified by a member of the Project.

Project News
  • 25 August 2010 - Project Leader, Kitsufox, has been assigned. Keep in mind that a new leader will be selected as soon as the project is on it's feet and we have a good candidate.  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 17:50, August 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • 21 August 2010 - Project design and organization has begun.  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 15:08, August 21, 2010 (UTC)
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Guidelines Edit

General Edit

  • If there is a conflict over an abbreviation, the abbreviation will be rewarded to the game that was listed on the wiki first. The game listed after will need to select an alternate abbreviation. (IE: Children of StarClan has already registered CoSC, but a game called Cats of StarClan lists themselves on the wiki the game Cats of StarClan would have to select something like CaoSC or CSC.)
  • If a game is discovered to be defunct it looses the right to it's abbreviation once the Defunct Games Committee has taken over jurisdiction of the game from the Project Games. All characters deemed suitable to be retained will be transferred to subpages of the game, links will be altered, and the game's former abbreviation will become available again.
  • In any situation of conflict the leader of the project will have full authority to make a ruling. Any ruling may be appealed to the Sysops for a final ruling. The Project leader will only be overturned if favoritism or other unfair means were found to be used to draw the conclusion. In any other cases the ruling of the Project Leader will stand.
  • Any game found without an abbreviation will be assigned one.
  • Any character found without an abbreviation in the title will be moved to the correct abbreviation or marked for deletion if the character has no game using {{Delete NG}}.

Membership Edit

  • Any user wishing to be a member of the project and assist in ensuring all games have abbreviations and all characters are stored under the correct abbreviations.
  • The project leader may appoint their deputy as they see fit from active members of the project.

Registered Abbreviations Edit

Active Games Edit

These games are those that are currently active.
CoSC - Children of StarClan (RPG)

Potentially Defunct Games Edit

These games are those that have been identified as Defunct by the Defunct Games Committee. They are pending action by the DGC and are marked with a status by the GDC to keep the Abbreviations Project up to date.
Currently None

Defunct Games Edit

These games are those that are no longer active but the Defunct Games Committee has decided to retain for historical purposes.
BC - BlizzardClan (RPG)
LC - LakeClan (RPG)
NCC - New Century Clans (RPG)

Project Userbox Codes Edit

Code Result Users
{{Project:Abbreviations/Userbox|a Warrior}}
Project-Abbreviations This user is a Warrior of
Project Abbreviations.
{{Project:Abbreviations/Userbox|the Deputy}}
Project-Abbreviations This user is the Deputy of
Project Abbreviations.
{{Project:Abbreviations/Userbox|the Leader}}
Project-Abbreviations This user is the Leader of
Project Abbreviations.

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