A Wiki based on Erin Hunter's Warriors Book Series with a focus on the Role Play Phenomenon that stands at the heart of the fandom which anyone can edit.
71 articles since opening on 20 December 2008
Noimage Feature Article Scheme is In Planning
Due to the lack of new articles that reflect active games we are planning the Feature Roleplaying Game system right now, and will name a featured game at the point when it seems the WRPWiki is ready.
Noimage Feature Article Scheme is In Planning
Due to the lack of new articles that reflect active games we are planning the Feature Roleplaying Character system right now, and will name a featured character at the point when it seems the WRPWiki is ready.
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Game Entry Policy Ratified!

28 December 2010 - The Game Entry Policy is now official.  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 17:49, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

Vote to Remove Char Article Policy

25 December 2010 - As a part of our shape-up process the removal of the Character Article Guidelines is being put to a Vote. The feeling of the Sysops is that the policy does not provide the depth and instruction that such a policy needs and, rather than a revision, a complete replacement should be considered.  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 03:48, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

Game Entry Policy Vote Starts

19 December 2010 - In an effort to get things ship-shape by new years to at least start collecting game entries in the new year we need to approve our Game Entry Policy. This means a vote in which everyone who cares may weight in on the matter. Remember that comments with votes are preferred. You will find the vote and links to the game entry policy HERE.  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 17:12, December 19, 2010 (UTC)


27 August 2010 - In accordance with the votes held on the Voting Forum the following Users have been stripped of their Sysop rights and are pending the removal of bureaucrat rights: GroceryBag, Mousefire and Shaf Girl.

Defunct Games Committee Active!

27 August 2010 - The Defunct Games Committee has entered the active phase. This means that they will beginning immediately to process and sort the various defunct games and soon the Wiki's cleanup will be well advanced and the option to really get things underway will be here! Look forward to a future with less clutter and the coming advent of activity!  Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 13:27, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Archives: [1]

General Policies
Simplified Ruleset
Article Guidelines
Game Entry
Character Entry *
Official Templates
* This policy is still pending acceptance or creation by the population of the Wiki.

Please refrain from fancy formatting or subtitles. Remember that (RPG) should follow the title of any Game Entry's Name.
Coming Soon
Expect the create-box as soon as guidelines for articles and new templates are prepared.

Welcome to the Warriors Roleplay Wiki

What if cats had their own code of conduct. Everytime your housecat stepped out of the house, what would the world be like in his/her eyes. And what if, you could venture into this world in which once domesticated whiskered creatures turned wild, roamed the land like the samurai of nature? Well now you can join the warrior cats of the clans, and start your own adventure in a wild world beyond our view, here, on this wiki.

A Message to the Users

Based upon the epic series written by Erin Hunter, The Warriors series, Warriors Roleplay Wiki allows players to experience this warrior world of once domestic cats gone wild. 

This wiki is still in WIP, and I encourage users to help me improve this wiki and share ideas and kills to do so. Those who help first will not only make roleplaying open sooner, but also have a shot at getting promoted. Thanks!

This Wiki Needs YOUR HELP!

Do you want to be an admin? Would you like to help create and shape this wiki with your suggestions? By being an admin, in exchange for your services as to enforce the wiki's policy, you will have the ability to get creative and help shape the wiki to make it much more fun for everybody! Well click here (WIP), to see how you can qualify for this wiki's administration. 

Wikia Policy

This wiki is NOT a trash site. There are strict rules that govern this wiki. Before you do anything on this wiki, please be aware of The Code of the Wiki.

Like the Code of the Clans, The Code of the Wiki was created to preserve justice upon this wiki. May StarClan uphold this Code.

To See The Code of the Wiki, click.

Join Us at The Gathering! (OOP)

The Gathering is an OOP (Out-Of-Play) page where Users, Admins, and B-crats can discuss Wiki Updates, recent Suggestions and Reports, as well as wiki roleplay activites, changes, or additions to the roleplaying and policies, and etc. Join The Gathering here.



Wiki Updates



Not just the admins, but EVERYONE needs to work together to make this wiki a better place for EVERYONE! Dear Regular Users; if you see any rule breakage or suspicious activity, please send a Report to us. To send a report, or learn HOW TO send a report, go to the Report page right here.


Not just the admins, but EVERYONE has a shot at changing the wiki to their view. This wiki supports democracy, and so, "you the people" have the power to send us suggestions. If you have a better idea, we wanna hear it! To suggest ideas, or learn HOW TO correctly send us ideas, go to the Suggestions page right here (WIP)!

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