aka Daniil Edomanov Chanesvych

  • I live in Dimension 4.99 Cloud 9
  • My occupation is Director of the Dimension Panorealm Documentation Program
  • I am Male
  • DanChan123

    My Ideas

    May 11, 2014 by DanChan123
    1. You need stricter policies and enforcement real bad...
      • Look at this wiki, you seem to have an legit policy. However, randomness of contributions hav turned it into a trashed throwaway wiki. This wiki is based on one of my most favorite series, and I'd hate to see a part of it like this. 
      • To Help, I would like to create "A Code of the Wiki". Like the Code of the Clans, a strcter policy will be inflicted. Many of those "trash contributions" would be deleted. In place, a large set of rules on every inch of the wiki ways will be enforced.
        • To roleplay policies, examples will be given.
        • There will be no "trashing", random edit will be deleted; inappropriate ones will result in the banning of a user. 
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