LakeClan (RPG)/Faithtear
Current: LakeClan
Past: None
Medicine Cat:
Frostwind, Applemoon
Mentor(s): Rubbleline
Apprentice(s): None
Living: No
Dead: Yes
"It's not in our power to decide your destiny. But it's in your power to accept it."
―Faithtear describing spirits' powers

Faithtear is a lithe brown she-cat.



Faithkit and her brother Dockkit were born to Tigerlily a few moons after the death of Longclaw. Faithkit didn't remember her brother very well because he was accidently killed by Tigerlily, who carried him too roughly when he was just a tiny kit. Later, Faithkit learned that Rubbleline had recieved a sign that she was to be his apprentice. At first Faithkit refused, wanting to be a warrior like her father, whom her mother had only said was "a legendary fighter". But finally, she reluctantly admitted that StarClan had chosen her.


When Faithpaw was just an apprentice, the Battle of Longclaw took place at the Moonstream. Longclaw took over her body so that he could fight with the LakeClan cats, but mysteriously, when the possessed Faithpaw pinned down the fellow medicine cat apprentice, Larkpaw, Longclaw left his daughter's body and disappeared, along with the other evil spirits. Multiple times afterward, Longclaw controlled Faithpaw, eventually forcing her and the new warrior Starwatcher to mate so that Longclaw wouldn't kill Wildpaw, Starwatcher's true love. Now pregnant with his kits, Faithpaw visited her mother for the last time before she died. Tigerlily confessed that Longclaw was her father, and that he had been visiting Tigerlily's dreams since he died. He was in the services of another evil cat that Tigerlily didn't know the name of, who would turn out to be Starwatcher's father, Maliceheart. Just before Faithpaw gave birth to Applekit, Frostkit, and Timberkit, Larkpaw fought Longclaw, making him so weak that he was barely more than a wisp of a spirit and no longer a threat.

Medicine CatEdit

While Wildpaw, now Wildfire, took care of the kits, Faithpaw was given the name Faithtear. At one point, she and Wildfire visited the Moonstream to speak with StarClan and examine the Morning Sage crystal. The rogue Peach ambushed them and was about to strike Wildfire when Faithtear stepped in her way. She was seriously wounded, and as spirits chased Peach away, Faithtear's spirit left her body.


Faithtear vowed that she would help her Clan as a spirit more than she had when she was alive. She was one of the founding members of SageClan, along with her brother Dockkit and the dog Butch. She grew wiser and gave advice to many of the LakeClan cats. At the same time, she perfected fighting, something she had barely trained on as a medicine cat, and fought in the Great Battle. She was the first spirit to approach the dying figure of Peach and helped transfer the Morning Sage from Peach's body to Rush's. By the time it was announced that SageClan would be following LoneClan to their new home, two of Faithtear's kits had joined her. She then said goodbye to her living daughter, Frostwind, and the rest of LakeClan and set out to the new forest.

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