REST IN PEACE BlizzardClan (RPG) - This article is for a game that no longer exists.

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Important Dates
Founded  : 2009
Closed  : 2009

BlizzardClan was created by Junie. She made this site for fun and to see how Freewebs sites are.

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About BlizzardClan Edit

All the old Clans of ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan are no more. There was an old prophecy given to everycat during a Gathering.

The old Clans of these are no more. Thunder shall root down to the ground and sink, forevermore to the deep seeps of the River. River shall also come down and be no more along with Thunder. Wind shall stop moving after Shadows will replace it. Then Shadows will go to the Stars as all of the other Clans shall also.

After the prophecy was issued the panic that occurred brought about the destruction of the clans. The remnants of the clans scattered until another propechy was issued, this time to a former kitteypet who was living as a loner: The Clans of Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow were destroyed. No-cat can ever rebuild them. But a cat can make a new Clan. The cat shall be named after the Clan of BlizzardClan.

Note Edit

It appears that an ongoing and imminent attempt to restore and revive the game is currently ongoing.